Starticorn 🦄

The 🌎's hottest startup unicorns.

  1. Resource Page Generator - Quick and easy resource pages for your sites- no sign ups!
  2. SecondSoul - Generate your AI Clone and monetize your audience
  3. - Search over 650 foods, ingredients, and plants to learn what your dog can and cannot eat 🐕
  4. BuyMicroStartups - Buy and Sell Micro Startups in the Pre-Revenue Stage or with Revenues. Always Under $25k!
  5. 24 Seven Design - Get Quick, Good Designs at one flat fee.
  6. Pomodollar - Chrome extension that puts a price tag on your distractions
  7. Nomad Living - Find stays equipped for remote workers
  8. GiantCampaign - The most user-friendly marketing automation platform for online stores.
  9. NumCheckr - Protect your app from fraudsters by detecting disposable and virtual phone numbers.
  10. App Not Working! - Is your favorite app down or having problems? Get the diagnosis!
  11. Webliveview - Webliveview help retail sales teams with their video sales goals
  12. Fresco - Fresco is a straightforward online whiteboard that enables teams to collaborate in real-time on a variety of pre-made and custom templates. Track tasks, export data, and make meetings more productive.
  13. cherrypick - Shop beyond boundaries
  14. Kleap - The website killer. Build pages, websites, blogs, or shops on your mobile
  15. Strabo - Accessible, safe and fun money management for the global citizen.
  16. Speciface - Instant messaging and access to contact data of people nearby (Bluetooth LE)
  17. SMS-iT - Smart 2-Way Omnichannel Messaging Platform, for Businesses, IoT, Metaverse, and the Blockchain.
  18. Maya AI - An AI business assistant that learns, grows and guides founders 🤓
  19. Akroda - Your single platform solution for legal workflow.
  20. Cleanvoice - Stop wasting hours editing your podcast
  21. KMC pest control pune - KMC Pest is directory of best pest control services in Pune.
  22. Cuttles - Cuttles is a fully interactive and guided pitch and business plan software that helps entrepreneurs build, understand and grow their business.
  23. Remotewx - A hand curated job board for remote jobs that takes off vertically like a rocket since covid19.
  24. Cultisan - The World's Local Food. Curated.
  25. Cultisan - The World's Local Food. Curated.
  26. AdPlayer.Pro - Advanced outstream video advertising solutions
  27. System2 Technologies - System2 Technologies allows you to get a remote personal trainer to coach you from the comfort of your home.
  28. Meredict - Accelerate medical research. Be part of the next medical discoveries
  29. OTPfy - Securing Applications
  30. Global Fun - Find fun social events near your location and join a community right for you!
  31. PTA Guide - A Student Career Guide to Becoming a Physical Therapist Assistant
  32. SocialBoard - Social media aggregator
  33. Promenad - a new way of dating
  34. MONKNOW New Tab – Personal Dashboard - This is the new tab you are dreaming of. Support website URL group management, data sync, dark theme mode, todo, weather, speed dial, search.
  35. Card - Share your contacts and social profiles stupidly easy
  36. Social Oracle - Free no-code social proof tool for any online business
  37. Wanted - Get a job on your terms
  38. SpeechText.AI - AI-powered and industry-specific transcription service
  39. Hitask – Easy Task and Project Management System is here - Project Management, Task Management
  40. Tithe Calculator - Easy to use tithing calculator
  41. Talent Brandly - We give Recruitment Inbound Marketing power.
  42. Post Panda - Top quality social media content that fits every budget
  43. Rankz - Next-gen suite of tools to ideate, create and distribute content over google and social platforms
  44. Bhango CBD Boutique - Online retailer for premium CBD brands
  45. Moselle - Simplifying trade financing for wholesale businesses.
  46. Done - Chat. Calendar. To-dos. Files. The ultimate app for remote teams.
  47. Silent Down - Get website downtime & performance alerts instantly via Email, SMS, Slack, Discord, Webhooks & more
  48. Quidli - Offer Bitcoin to your team as company perks
  49. No-Code MVP - Learn how to build and validate your startup ideas without code
  50. ZEG – Everyone’s Own Studio - Create studio quality photos without a studio - No expertise needed.
  51. Stock Alarm - Wake Up When It Matters Most.
  52. Share Email Contacts for Gmail - Share Email Contacts for Gmail is an easy to use web app that lets you share & sync your contacts lists and contact groups with other Google, Gmail or G-Suite users.
  53. SiteLauncher - Bookmark launcher for Chrome with keyboard shortcuts
  54. Love From Yours Skincare - Taking the guesswork out of skincare
  55. AB Rocket - AB Rocket is a developer-friendly AB-Testing and Personalization Platform.
  56. Perfect Invoice - Online invoicing software that helps you get paid on time.
  57. - Automation of the CC&R violations enforcement process in Homeowner's Associations.
  58. kaidō - Instant, stress-free gifting platform that engages the recipient. Never suck at gifting again.
  59. Libpixel - One image, any size, every device.
  60. WiseChain - Outdoor asset geolocation & tracking in Salesforce
  62. Post Track - Post Track - Universal Parcel Tracking System
  63. - Personal touch at scale for all your follow-up emails
  64. Camdog - We are providing an AI-based video guard service
  65. Domain Scout - Tools to help you discover great domain names for your projects.
  66. Guardhouse - An end-to-end workforce management software.
  67. My Brand New Logo - My Brand New Logo is the professional online logo maker
  68. My Brand New Logo - My Brand New Logo is the professional online logo maker
  69. UptimeMate - UptimeMate checks your website for uptime, speed and health 24/7.
  70. JokesApp - Joke Sharing App
  71. - Getting organised have never been this easy.
  72. MicroAcquire - A free & anonymous startup acquisition marketplace
  73. Augment CXM - Analyze 100% of your customer support interactions and turn every agent into an all-star
  74. - Study at the most immersive DevOps bootcamp in the world and earn your expert certification through
  75. BrandChirps - The reliable, cost-efficient, and simple brand monitoring service you’ve been looking for
  76. Lofty AI - A.I. to predict future real estate prices
  77. Pure Progress Lifestyle/Fitness - Diet, Domination and Physical and Mental Health
  78. Self SEO - Simple do-it-yourself SEO software for startups + small business.
  79. Promomatic - App Discovery, Internet, Mobile Apps, Software
  80. The SaaSy People - We're here to make your customer experience a differentiator.
  81. Unifimoney - Wealthmanagement, Personalfinance, investing, payments, fintech
  82. Sternum - Securing IoT Devices From Within
  83. 4stay - 4stay is a SaaS Enabled Marketplace (SEM) for Student and Intern housing
  84. Effective Learning Lab - Discover How To 10X Your Learning
  85. Idle – Rent Any Thing - A Peer-to-Peer Renting Community for Idle Goods
  86. NIPYATA! - Adult strength piñatas filled with little plastic bottles of liquor and candy - boozy fun gifts!
  87. Heatbox - The world first self-heating lunchbox
  88. Digital Bank Guide - Finding you the best digital bank
  89. Dealing with it - Helpful resources for dealing with mental barriers & personal struggles
  90. Dealing with it - Helpful resources for dealing with mental barriers & personal struggles
  91. Bignest - Launchpad for your Browser
  92. JSdevs - Hire top JavaScript Engineers
  93. JSdevs - Hire top JavaScript Engineers
  94. FinGoal - Hyper-Personalized Advice To Find Money for Consumers.
  95. Funnelfly - A simple, affordable, and powerful sales and marketing automation platform for startups.
  96. Boardish - Quantifying IT Risks And Solutions Into Financial Impact
  97. Briza - Digitizing commercial insurance agencies
  98. Coexsys Project Time Tracking Cloud - Enterprise Grade Project Time Tracking for Organizations of all size
  99. Healthy Lifestyle Deals - The best health and wellness content on the web.
  100. Wiza - Turn any LinkedIn Sales Navigator search into a clean list of verified emails, ready for outreach.
  101. Algovest - A free, stock & cryptocurrency algorithmic trading application for iOS.
  102. Yoodu - Build a stunning business website in 3 minutes
  103. Warmcall - Our screening bots can interview, score and schedule 24/7 to find you the best shortlist.
  104. Palm - A premium smartphone the size of a credit card so you can stay connected on the go for $5/month.
  105. Diabetic & Me - Read about the lives of diabetics.
  106. .Play - A new dynamic file format that allows content owners to control their data at any time.
  107. CYFIRMA - CAP, a predictive cyber threat visibility and intelligence analytics platform
  108. RestCase - Secure REST API Rapid Development Platform
  109. GGather - Save and organize neat stuff from the Internet. Easily rediscover it later.
  110. Drone Industry Wire - Press release and news distribution for companies in the drone industry.
  111. 30 Hour Jobs - A job board for shorter work weeks
  112. CryptoCanary - Community-powered reviews for the crypto world.
  113. Ticket Tribe - Sell tickets online with no fees per ticket
  114. Coinsflare - Cryptocurrency Listings monitoring and Analysis
  115. WPsetup - Helping you get setup on WordPress
  116. Gennovacap - Gennovacap is an agency that provides web development and mobile app development in Austin, TX.
  117. Async - Team communication for small teams of software engineers.
  118. dotnet Report Builder - Easy and User Friendly Report & Dashboard Solution
  119. Lewis - We plan and book weekend getaways, personalized just for you.
  120. Bonnie Forte - Bookkeeping software for entrepreneurs who dont want to learn bookkeeping.
  121. SERP Empire - Increase your organic SERP CTR
  122. Fittr Pro - Your training partner
  123. Hansel Button - Shop items your friends bought online.
  124. ivee - ivee delivers on-demand wellness and hangover-curing IV treatment via a mobile app
  125. Kosmos AI Technologies Inc. - Intelligent AI-powered conversation agent.
  126. - AI-assisted contract management solution
  127. Epic Tree Care - forestry and tree surgery services
  128. Bubbles - Drop comment bubbles anywhere on the screen, on any website.
  129. Zenserp - Fast Search Result Scraping with our Google Search API
  130. AdKonversion - Better Conversion. More Sales
  131. SideNotes - Clean notes with superpowers on the side of your monitor
  132. Priocta - A simple tool to make organizational change really happen
  133. Liist - Turn your photos, notes, maps into shareable recommendations
  134. Vidico - Stellar video production for tech companies like Square, Uber and Amazon.
  135. - Get sports odds data from all over the world in JSON format
  136. Elium - Knowledge base for growing teams
  137. WebLAPS - Must have protection of privileged windows admin accounts managed by MS LAPS
  138. Zirtue - Who needs a bank when you have friends & family.
  139. Goals by KeepSolid - Goal-Oriented tool that helps manage your Projects from Idea to Result (
  140. Supercode - Professional QR Code Generator
  141. Nova ADC - Nova ADC provides load balancing, acceleration and application security at scale for DevOps.
  142. Sagisu - The next generation freight negotiator.
  143. HealthAI - HealthAI lets users take a picture of a mole and screen for cancer.
  144. Hoblist - Ranking movies, books and TV shows.
  145. CopyBucket - Collaboration is now as easy as copy and paste!
  146. - Short links built for digital marketers!
  147. Atomic UTM Builder - The fastest way to build trackable campaign URLs for Google Analytics.
  148. ScrapingNinja - The easiest web scraping API ever!
  149. Qanairy - AI Automated Testing Tool - Test websites and web apps for bugs and errors by using AI to find, build, and maintain user interface tests.
  150. Distacart - Distacart lets you save time and money on Indian products by connecting you to sellers in India
  151. OptiShop - AI ecommerce personalization, made easy.
  152. Corala Blanket - The only designer weighted blanket.
  153. Mooditude - Build resilience to stress and anxiety
  154. Reply Now - Single inbox for business messengers.
  155. Nillify - Nillify is a financial backup plan that builds using transaction data, not credit scores.
  156. Printleaf - Printleaf provides printing services in nyc delivering 24 hours printing, same day digital printing.
  157. LightyearVPN - Use OpenVPN, SSR, V2Ray and more latest technology to protect your internet privacy and freedom.
  158. Museli - Create and share engaging videos within seconds with filters, music and easy-to-use editing tools.
  159. Keeni Procedures - Paperless operating procedures for space and beyond
  160. Vectorly - Make learning part of team workflow
  161. Signature Lab - Create a beautifully designed email signature in seconds.
  162. Email Signature Generator by LeadFuze - Create a modern email signature completely free!
  163. Cronhooks - Schedule one time or recurring webhooks
  164. Monolyth Limited - A.I Driven Conversion Optimization to Murder Your Competition
  165. Synthate - Top-tier web development for a flat fee.
  166. NPZ - Share all your social media profiles in one tap.
  167. Stream, Inc. - Activity feed and chat APIs for custom applications
  168. Presentail - Sending love to Lebanon, one gift at a time
  169. Persona SPARK - Psychology-Driven Persona Builder
  170. FontPair - A typography tool that helps you pair beautiful, free Google Fonts together by suggesting pairs.
  171. ProductFeed - Easiest way to notify users of updates and increase engagement.
  172. Woodoo Box - The world's most customizable dog subscription box
  173. SEO Genics - Transform your business online
  174. TheChecker - The most cost-effective email verification service
  175. Ibriiz - Discover what your Instagram posts are worth and monetize your account.
  176. Sparetoolz - Peer-to-peer Tool Rental Application for iOS.
  177. Keeper - We monitor your purchases for tax write offs
  178. PagespeedPlus - Automated Pagespeed Insights Tests. Multi URL Scans. Alerts. Measure Pagespeed, at scale
  179. Rosto - Face detection as it should be: simple, affordable and accurate
  180. Low Cost broadband internet and mobile phone service for underserved markets - Making mobile and internet technology more accessible to underserved markets.
  181. Abyssale - Generate custom banners ads for your business.
  182. Cloud Web Application Firewall - Use Bekchy for reputation and business continuity
  183. Spotsy - Monetize Your Instagram
  184. Crisp - All-in-customer support platform for startups & smb's
  185. Chefit - Book personal chefs at restaurant prices.
  186. Lyd Technologies - Low Cost broadband internet and mobile phone service for underserved markets
  187. Truepush - Feature rich, high volume notifications for web & mobile, deep analytics, and easy-to-use dashboard.
  188. DataFleets - Data science for private data.
  189. - A platform for system status pages and status notifications.
  190. - We make every workday feel like Friday✌️
  191. Aston Baby - The Best Baby Shoes For Everyday Adventures
  192. Wonpy - The SEO keyword tool for smart Google Ads advertisers
  193. Estate Sitting - Highly qualified individuals with a long track record of home stays and positions of responsibility.
  194. TotalCloud Inc - Build their own cloud management platform without the need for coding.
  195. Petro Outlet - A full store-management, analytics and insights platform for Convenience Stores & Gas Stations.
  196. Podcast Rental - Find, rent, and share podcast studios
  197. Ivy - A stress free way to get things done.
  198. Tour - A drag-and-drop travel planning app.
  199. SEOJet - Instantly build customized backlink plans (that actually work) for your SEO clients.
  200. Full-Stack Developer Jobs - is THE Job Board for Full-Stack Developers
  201. - Data-Driven SAAS Product Management tool that reconciles feature requests and subscription data.
  202. Growthparty - A curated directory of tools and resources for your work, start-up or side hustle
  203. TimeSnap - Solve your team's time, billing, and payroll headaches.
  204. Scriby - Calendar Invites On Steroid
  205. ApiFlash - A website screenshot API based on AWS Lambda and Chrome Headless
  206. Sparq Search - Fast & Beautiful Search for Shopify Stores
  207. Hybrid Lidar Systems AG - A human sees with its eyes and the machine of the future sees with the help of LiDAR.
  208. Star Investing - Content platform dedicated to emerging small cap ASX-listed companies
  209. SaaSTrax - Manage, track, and optimize spend on company-wide SaaS.
  210. Hotter Leads - Boost your email outreach on autopilot.
  211. Valence - Rightsize Kubernetes resources intelligently with Declarative Performance and Predictive Autoscaling
  212. Pillar Wealth Management - Fee-only Private Wealth Management for Successful Founders
  213. DIGI CLIP mobile forms - Checklists and Inspections made easy through innovation!
  214. Journify – start your wellness journey! - We connect you with your ideal wellness professional (nutritionists, dietitians, etc)
  215. Volangua - Volangua is a language school comparison site (marketplace) that aims to make learning a new language available to anyone in the world.
  216. Yellow Card Financial - Crypto exchange for the cash market
  217. ApproveAPI - A simple API to request a user's real-time approval on anything via email, sms + mobile push.
  218. 30 Seconds of Knowledge - Become a better Developer, one New Tab at a time.
  219. Myndset: Create value-based ideas in 30 minutes or less - Design unique product or business ideas easily in 30 mins.
  220. Bitmob - The first integrated marketplace for software development.
  221. Starfish Reviews – WP Review Generation Plugin - Run your own review generation campaigns for more 5-star ratings, with this WordPress plugin.
  222. Otis Wealth, Inc - Invest in collectibles, fine art, and physical spaces for as little as $100
  223. FinTech School - Practical FinTech Learning
  224. Pilot - Bookkeeping for startups
  225. Stickerit – Make Strickers - Create stickers from your own photos and share them with friends via iMessage, WhatsApp or Telegram.
  226. Raizers - European Crowdfunding Platform
  227. Rianu - Rianu an API first CRM for developers and makers to help power their internet business.
  228. Shrimpy - Manage your own cryptocurrency portfolio like an expert.
  229. Leadsurance - Get more leads in less time
  230. Census Insights - Get Instant Insights from the ultimate source of UK Census Data.
  231. Airbook - Easily book vendors for any event! (wedding, corporate, parties, meetups)
  232. SQRL - The only way to invest in your physical and financial wellbeing in one place.
  233. Blue Box Storage - Enjoy the peace of mind, convenience and flexibility you get with Blue Box Storage
  234. BiggerCake - The Analytics Tool Kickstarter Campaigns Deserve
  235. RemoteOne - Time Tracking & Invoicing for Remote Freelancers
  236. DrugPatentWatch - Business intelligence on pharmaceutical and biologic drugs - international drug patents, sales, pricing, litigation, and more...
  237. EXIT Adventures GmbH - EXIT VR is the cinema of the future.
  238. Userpilot - Userpilot helps you increase user adoption through powerful & event-driven product experiences. Code-Free.
  239. GGPhysique - Connecting home fitness enthusiasts.
  240. Mindses - Mindses is you meditation music provider and mood tracker
  241. hubPitch - Turn your sales presentation into a closing strategy
  242. MessagePath - The intelligent writing coach for business.
  243. PAPS – Photo Editor & Camera Tools - Infinite-Purpose Photo, Video and Camera Toolbox
  244. Tapeable - Stream podcasts and short films on the go
  245. Talk Technologies - Keeps private conversations, transcriptions and recordings private with the industry's best noise cancelling, speech recognition microphone.
  246. Atolla - Personal Skincare, Powered by Machine Learning
  247. Angel Kings - Angel Kings designs, builds, and launches America's Top Startups.
  248. Gear Offer - The smarter way to buy and sell used camera gear.
  249. Fundsup - Taking the friction out of early-stage fundraising through data-driven matchmaking.
  250. Drops Media - Affordable PR and Marketing for startups using AI
  251. Clerky - We make legal paperwork for startups easy
  252. Fanoob - The Virtual Sports Bar That Fits Right In Your Pocket
  253. KepoGaul - Inspiration • Information • Entertainment
  254. WikiTrip - Listen to Wikipedia articles nearby while driving, cycling or walking.
  255. Chad - Providing location based messaging through chatrooms.
  256. Zoro - Build credit with a debit card.
  257. 60seconds App - Catch the moment!
  258. - Create beautiful powerful documentation, hassle-free.
  259. PowerPost - Turning brands into Powerful content Publishers. Predictive content technology combined with even smarter brand journalists.
  260. Stratumsphere - Cloud rental system for blockchain mining farms
  261. mytoori - Read stories with subtitles
  262. Feastflow - Handcrafted project leads for freelance developers and digital agencies
  263. ubii - any service with a :)
  264. The Surety - Jobs and Gigs Marketplace, Powered by Bitcoin Bounties
  265. Referral Marketing School - See inside popular referral marketing programs.
  266. Sitio web Nicaragua - Diseño web en Nicaragua por solo $350
  267. Sitio web Nicaragua - Queremos ser el lider en el marketing digital en Nicaragua.
  268. Flightlist - Book cheap, one-way flights within a departure date range.
  269. Detoxify - Kick addiction while tracking it! And in the future - replace it entirely!
  270. Afi - Simple & resilient cloud G Suite backup platform
  271. TVSK - Like inception for your todo list
  272. SiteGuru - Check your website for SEO issues, broken links and slow pages
  273. - 250 dollar website design that looks awesome!
  274. SocialCrew - Real Influencers, Real Results
  275. Gurri Kahlon - The Billionaire Suit- Made Affordable for Everyone
  276. Bulletin - Create and publish interactive newsletters for Telegram and Facebook Messenger
  277. RethinkMyHealthcare - Healthcare Made Convenient,Affordable and Easy
  278. Clause - Connected contracts for a connected world
  279. Your Voice Agency - Voice skill and action development agency
  280. CloutHQ - CloutHQ is a crowdsourced influencer database made to bring transparency and accountability to the influencer marketing space.
  281. Manager – Free Accounting Software - Free Accounting Software for Small Business
  282. Snipper App - Making developers life easier
  283. Advanced Funding Home Mortgage Loans - Advanced Funding offers Utah mortgages and refinances. Our mortgage brokers are knowledgeable and experienced to ensure a pleasant experience at the best interest rates.
  284. WeTrust - Raising Crypto For Good
  285. Blippr - Find Your Best Price™
  286. Lightfolio - Easily create modern client photo galleries
  287. Owiwi - Hire Once
  288. Content Upgrade - Upgrade your readers to buyers.
  289. The Job Auction - The Job Auction: Work On Your Terms
  290. Cognifyd - The online proofreading editor built for business
  291. Inbrights - Modern look at AI
  292. Lead Peep - Thousands of b2b leads at your fingertips
  293. Clarabyte - Remove the risk of a data breach with Clarabyte
  294. AÍFE.AI - Launch big digital footprints in 60 seconds.
  295. SG Widget - Sendgrid Subscription Widget - Add To Any Website
  296. Hive - Hive - The Productivity Platform for High Performing Teams
  297. Coachilla - Find Coaching for a Meaningful Life
  298. Dico - Dico allows employees to work collaboratively to solve problems faster and create the constructive change that moves companies forward.
  299. Beehive Talent - Beehive Talent is a mobile video job board where hiring managers must post a personal video job description before candidates apply.
  300. Shipright - Helping product teams quickly understand their users' needs across feedback channels
  301. - Find and print shipping labels in a minute or less
  302. Tubalytics - Global YouTube analytics tool for influencer marketing
  303. - Collaborate, schedule & seed your articles omnichannel
  304. Syslink Xandria - Manage. Analyze. Monitor. Complete SAP Landscape Control
  305. Alluxo - Hosted Dashboards as a Service
  306. OOOH.Events - focusing on your events
  307. Wirecompare - Robust Money Transfer Comparison
  308. Rad Plaid - Live local shows just for you based on the Spotify artists you already love.
  309. WalletHero - Helping consumers save on home services
  310. Growth Ramp - Growth Ramp helps startups connect with professional contract marketers to grow their business faster.
  311. RoboResponse LLC - An email auto reply software powered by Artificial Intelligence
  312. Bootkik - The social network for business productivity
  313. TakeShape - API-First CMS and SSG for Developers who like to focus on getting things done
  314. Cossack Labs - convenient cryptographic tools for modern products and services
  315. GLIDR - Build better products.
  316. Cardigent - Postcards designed, printed, and mailed for as low as 19 Cents per home
  317. Time Off Cloud - The PTO solution your employees expect
  318. The hottest new social network - Reviews by people you know
  319. Receipt Stash - Automated bookkeeping for accounts payable
  320. Rocket by Etherparty - Launch your Token Crowdsale Today!
  321. andCards - Coworking space discovery and management software
  322. Rebilly - Rebilly is a subscription billing company creating software built to maximize customer lifetime value.
  323. - A next generation feed reader. Follow the news you trust, discover new people and sites, and post to your blog.
  324. Official IQ Test - Professionally certified IQ test, instant results with full IQ report, including Left/Right brain and individual competencies.
  325. Modumate, Inc. - Empowering architects with next-generation 3D design software.
  326. Piio - Generates responsive images so you don't have to optimize
  327. - Centralized user reviews. Stop wasting your time crawling the web.
  328. The SMS Works - Zero wastage SMS
  329. Listing Mirror - Multichannel Ecommerce Listing Software. Sell More. Work Less.
  330. GoWithMe - Find Things You Love, With People You Like...Safely
  331. Sleeper - the ultimate sports app
  332. Wrlds Creations - Smart super bouncing balls that connect to the games in your phone.
  333. MOST Mobile And Sensory Technology - Feeding the world by saving farmers
  334. ComYoot App - Discover what's hidden in your university
  335. TRASTRA - Cash out crypto easily and fast with trusted banking.
  336. Avatoon - Cartoon yourself
  337. CloudRobo - Reduce cloud costs by automating AWS scheduling using CloudRoboAWSScheduler software
  338. KintoHub - A developer platform to build and share universally compatible microservices.
  339. Trustnav Security Suite - Your internet: free of distracting ads & invasive tracking.
  340. Wyzebulb - IFTTT for growth
  341. DebtCase - Making debt collection a three-click process
  342. Coinlend - The Lending-Bot for Bitfinex, Poloniex & Quoinex
  343. openHandwerk GmbH - openHandwerk is your personal paperless, consumer friendly office in a single software, helping you to focus on the essential tasks ahead.
  344. petsnflats - Airbnb with pets. Petsit for a cheaper and furry vacation.
  345. Jezter - The Future of Entertainment Has Arrived: Curated Kid's Media!
  346. Aura - Know what's going on where
  347. Sturb - Sturb: the gay dating application that’s shaking up the market
  348. Fame MS - Fame MS is a review generation tool for local businesses to generate more reviews on Yelp, TripAdvisor, Google etc.
  349. Myflag - Gadget - Revolutionising the LED light ritual at events.
  350. Real Poker - A Disruptive 3D Online Poker That Mimics Real Life Gameplay.
  351. Mado - Scheduled video chat for families
  352. Aritzia - An innovative design house and fashion boutique.
  353. kiwiHR - kiwiHR - Simply efficient HR software
  354. Mastermind Hunt - Find, join, and coordinate your mastermind group.
  355. The Studio Director - Powerful dance studio management software catered to your business.
  356. Next Workmate - Automatic scoring of applications to your job postings
  357. LogicalPlan - Logicalplan is the easiest way to manage your team
  358. 12min - A free app for personal development and reading habit development
  359. TWRL - Instagram meets group text
  360. PDFShift - Convert any HTML documents to PDF under 5 lines of code.
  361. Clouductivity Navigator - For AWS and Infrastructure-as-Code. Click less, do more.
  362. Photo Family Tree, LLC - It creates a legacy
  363. Brand Gradients - Natural, Brand, & Color Gradients in CSS & Image Backgrounds
  364. Diggernaut - Turn messy websites to pure flows of data
  365. Morgan Hill Partners - The right expertise and playbook, at the right time, for the right outcomes.
  366. Billby - The smart way to grow a subscription business
  367. Rollyt - The New Way to YouTube
  368. SaaS Sales - Simple.SaaS.Sales
  369. - Quickly create serverless apps with the help of our community component library!
  370. Anonyome Labs - The Private Identity for your Digital World
  371. ABSTRACT TUBE - Upload, share and explore academic abstract videos
  372. All Crypto Jobs - Every single crypto job aggregated into one simple feed - Updates hourly.
  373. Finygo Limited - Finygo is a mobile app for anglers who wish they could be more successful and consistent fishers.
  374. ProveSource - Skyrocket your conversions using social proof
  375. IT Kit - Product discovery and events for IT
  376. Codegiant - All your development tools at a single place
  377. - — track your project's time.
  378. PublBox - PublBox is an easy-to-use social media management platform for effective organization of your social networks.
  379. Syptus - Advanced Content Planning, and Scheduling for Professional Marketers
  380. Owls And Vowels: Word Game - A challenging and addictively fun word game with in-game dictionary for all your words
  381. RoboGarden INC - RoboGarden is a cloud-based, e-learning platform, which enables students to learn to code.
  382. KeyworX - Track Amazon Organic Rankings - Find Out What Marketing Works & What Sucks
  383. Venue Maestro - Making it Easy to Discover the Perfect Venue
  384. Superfy - Superfy is an AI-powered search and chat app that gets you the answer you need, from the person who can give it.
  385. NaskMe - Shared to do lists plus how-to's help you get life done.
  386. - Manage your team of annotators with ease
  387. Numbers Race - Numbers race is a unique numbers puzzle game that teases your brain
  388. WebsiteChecker - Comprehensive web analytics & monitoring made easy
  389. Uselio - Automatically generated hundreds of targeted leads & verified emails for your business, starting at $5/mo
  390. Tablee - IoT Technology for Restaurants That Aims to Make Modern Dining Happier
  391. BenchVote - Engage your fans. Get leads. Increase revenue.
  392. Hal - Human is Underrated, F*CK AI
  393. Contabulo - Contabulo is the visual wiki for teams
  394. MockupTiger Wireframes - Super Easy Wireframe and Mockup Builder
  395. Whip Around - Better Fleet Vehicle Inspections (DVIR) From Your Phone
  396. TimerBit - Cloud-based timers to easily track time spent on tasks and projects
  397. The Trading Game - The Trading Game: your free tool for becoming an expert on trading and markets.
  398. IntroJoy - Introduce two people via email without the hassle
  399. TeamRetro - Engaging online retrospective meetings with automatic idea grouping.
  400. MentorCruise - Personalized mentorship experiences
  401. Nudgify - Maximise revenues with persuasive notifications for Shopify.
  402. U-biditcom,llc - We are transforming how homeowners connect with reputable contractors!
  403. Sagefy - Learn anything, customized for you. And always free.
  404. Insuranks - Insurance as a platform
  405. Smartjobr - We bring freelancers and clients together - in a few seconds
  406. Geniuslink - Squeeze more revenue out of every link you share.
  407. Packator - Online Booking Platform for Courier Services
  408. Kruma - Banking with the true currency exchange rate
  409. Hyperwage - Cryptocurrency payment tools for buyers and sellers
  410. PixaTool - Convert any image into PixelArt / 8Bit style
  411. Booker - Everyone's 9 Must Read Books
  412. People Like Us - A personal home swap network for communities
  413. Boulevard Digital Marketing, Inc - Improved Marekting Outcomes
  414. TakeMyMoney - Online shopping made exciting.
  415. Dollar Tea Club - The World of Tea for $1
  416. SwipeStudio - Design your own Snapchat Geofilter and Snapchat Lenses
  417. BuzzRamp - BuzzRamp makes Marketing and PR easier for smaller businesses
  418. Badge Design - Free, open badge creator.
  419. Readory - The platform for written content
  420. MW2 Mobile - A simple and secure mobile framework for the enterprise.
  421. Duvora - We Connect Everything Real Estate
  422. co-haute - a new type of digital marketing
  423. Fund$nap - Take Control of Your Monthly Free Cash
  424. Bouncie - Complete Connected Car Solution
  425. AirDev - Have an app idea? Go for it.
  426. AceBy - The next generation peer to peer job sharing mobile app.
  427. Payload by Microdea - PayLoad helps owner-operators get paid faster and spend less time on paperwork.
  428. - Free Resume Builder
  429. Meetter - Reduce time wasted in meetings
  430. Boxton Parcel - Send shipping labels to anyone, with ease.
  431. Totable Inc. - Totable app is your connection to on demand movers with the tap of an app.
  432. Team Extension - Hire dedicated developers in Eastern Europe
  433. Uabide - Automated Host Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement
  434. Booke - Intelligent way to read books
  435. Discover Fashions - All fashions are in one click
  436. GoShareLah - GoShareLah is an effective and flexible way to drive organic traffic to your website through social media influencers
  437. - Integrated Business Solution
  438. Morning Lavender - Classic, affordable, and feminine styles
  439. JAFA - The digital home for football fans
  440. Broadstone - Find & manage high paying, reliable temporary jobs in the security industry
  441. Paybear - Accept 7+ cryptocurrencies in your shop/app in minutes
  442. BitBounce - Cryptocurrency Spam Solution.
  443. Dreamlight - The World's Smartest Sleep Mask
  444. Meetwo – Dating App - The YES or NO questions game where you can meet new people.
  445. Numerik - Sell more to your existing customers with less difficulty.
  446. Postcards by Designmodo - Create Beautiful Responsive Emails With a Simple Drag & Drop
  447. Fanvestory - Fanvestory is a marketplace for music copyright.
  448. Reisebüro Arkadasch - The special travel agency in Hamburg Germany with the best offers of the city
  449. Carrot CV - Empowering Job Seekers With Remarkable CV Templates
  450. IndexBox - IndexBox is a leading AI-based market research publisher
  451. Sistina - The only way to enjoy the thousands of photos drifting in your phone.
  452. Arcade CRM - The Affordable Gmail Centered CRM for SMB's
  453. Glintter - Save your favorite addresses, share your discoveries! Glintter, your best address book...
  454. Clockspot - Clockspot’s online time clock makes timesheets and payroll painless.
  455. Convertful - Free Tools to Engage and Convert Site Visitors
  456. Great America Shave Co. - Keeping America Great, One Shave At A Time!
  457. Bean Lite - Our vision was to create a lifestyle, fitness and nutrition brand that people cannot live without whilst making it truly affordable to the masses.
  458. WiF ID - The WiFi marketing solution
  459. OnTrack - We automate repetitive work you have to do online
  460. OnTrack - We automate repetitive work you have to do online
  461. Leadiro - Seriously Smart & Live B2B Data
  462. Zapplan - Planning events made easy
  463. Collectizi - Document collection made easy
  464. RemoteToPC - Built by IT people for IT people!
  465. LockPDF - Password protect and encrypt your PDF files online
  466. Klublr - The first fully integrated sports management platform.
  467. Growth Hack World - Together We Rise
  468. Accredible - Certificates, badges and blockchain credentials
  469. Alora - All in one cryptocurrency portfolio and price tracker in your pocket
  470. Rankfull - Democratizing Work. What It's Like To Work Where.
  471. Call Me Private - Why give out your phone number to anyone when you can give out your virtual number to everyone!
  472. Cripto Love - social blockchain ethereum
  473. DealCheck - Analyze any investment property in seconds.
  474. Keepflow - The Smart Way to Communicate With Clients
  475. Coinvet - A new jobs and gigs marketplace powered by the wisdom of the crowd + bitcoin
  476. Formata - Collect & Analyze form submission data securely.
  477. Document360 - Document360 is your one stop SaaS knowledge base platform for product and project documentation
  478. Onlock - Smart Lock that brings innovation to your door
  479. Driveo - Drive is a new cool way to sell your car from the comfort of your own couch!
  480. WeLunch - WeLunch - Eat well, work better.
  481. Goaldies - A hassle free job platform for startups and talents in Berlin.
  482. Vitally - A product analytics platform built for Customer Success
  483. Linkio - A more automated way to manage your link building campaigns.
  484. GoSquared - Turn visitors into customers
  485. Partelo - Partelo is where content creators and followers can interact.
  486. Money Lockup - Pokemon Go for savings - Use AR to hide money from yourself all over town!
  487. Mensch Creative - Startup videos that deliver profit and growth.
  488. Recipe Cloud App - The Social Cookbook
  489. Eristica - Take a Challenge. Win Cryptocurrency.
  490. - Discover tools to grow your business
  491. Treck - Make Call-To-Action Great Again!
  492. Sinc - Your ultimate staff management solution.
  493. Untappt - Build your legendary startup team, the scrappy way!
  494. Quotent - 10X Your Instagram Engagement One Post At A Time.
  495. - is like having an entire in-house advertising department without the big expense
  496. Weekend Walls - Handcrafted affordable greatness
  497. TrendBrew - The new age Social Commerce platform to monetize purchases and influences
  498. Chatbots-builder - Easily build Facebook Messenger chatbots
  499. Minty - Find and hire professional illustrators.